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Title: Annual epidemiological report Reporting on 2009 surveillance data and 2010 epidemic intelligent data
Author: European Center for Disease Prevention and Control
Keywords: Doenças Evitáveis pela Vacinação
Haemophilus Influenzae Invasivo
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: ECDC
Abstract: This edition of the Annual Epidemiological Report presents the surveillance data reported to ECDC for 2009 and an analysis of the public health threats detected in 2010 through ECDC’s routine epidemic intelligence. It provides an overview of communicable diseases in the European Union and describes areas where a more concerted public health response is required in order to decrease the burden of disease on society and healthcare systems.
Description: Paula Lavado representa Portugal enviando os dados microbiológicos e participando nas reuniões científicas
Peer review: no
ISBN: 978-92-9193-321-1
ISSN: 1830-6160
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