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Title: No ocular involvement in familial amyloidotic polyneuropathy ATTR V30M domino liver recipients
Author: Melo Beirão, J.
Matos, E.
Beirão, I.
Costa, P.
Torres, P.
Keywords: Familial Amyloidotic Polyneuropathy
Doenças Genéticas
Issue Date: Jun-2012
Publisher: Springer Verlag
Citation: Transpl Int. 2012 Jun;25(6):646-51. Epub 2012 Mar 22
Abstract: In many transplantation centers domino liver transplantation is an established procedure, increasing the number of available liver grafts. Increasingly, grafts from familial amyloidotic polyneuropathy (FAP) patients are used. Ocular involvement is a well known manifestation of FAP, and can be vision-threatening. The aim of this study was to evaluate the risk of development of familial amyloidotic polyneuropathy ocular manifestations in domino liver recipients. Forty-four cirrhotic patients submitted to liver transplantation were studied, with an average of 6 years of follow up after the procedure. Twenty two patients had received a liver from a FAP donor (Group 1) and 22 had received a liver from a non-FAP cadaveric donor (Group 2). Both groups were similar for mean age and gender. Routine ophthalmological examinations with particular attention to amyloid deposition in the anterior segment and vitreous, peripheral retina state, lacrimal functions tests (Schirmer and tear break-up time) and pupillometry (dynamic and static) were performed. No statistically significant differences were observed in all studied ophthalmic parameters between the two groups. No FAP related ophthalmic manifestations were detected after 6 years of domino liver transplantation, but further prospective regular ophthalmological examinations are necessary to detect the eventual development of late ocular manifestations.
Peer review: yes
ISSN: 0934-0874
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