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Título: The BaSeFood Project. EuroFIR website: acção de difusão da cultura científica:
Autor: Plumb, J.
Sanches-Silva, A.
Albuquerque, T.G.
Finglas, P.
D'Antuono, F.
Costa, H.S.
BaSeFood Black Sea Area partners
Palavras-chave: Nutrição Aplicada
Data: Jun-2011
Resumo: The BaSeFood Project BaSeFood (Sustainable exploitation of bioactive components from the Black Sea Area traditional foods) is a collaborative research program funded by the European Commission within Theme 2: Food, agriculture and fisheries, and biotechnology of the Seventh Framework Programme. The BaSeFood research Consortium consists of 13 partners. Six are from all the coastal nations of the Black Sea Area: Russia, Ukraine (2), Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey and Georgia. The others are from Italy (2), United Kingdom, Greece, Portugal and Serbia. (4 of these partners are part of the EuroFIR AISBL consortium) The project is coordinated by the University of Bologna, Cesena Campus Branch, Italy. BaSeFood aims to promote sustainable development and exploitation of Traditional Foods of plant origin containing emerging bioactive compounds with putative health effects in the Black Sea Region (BSR). The objectives of BaSeFood are: 1.To investigate the knowledge base of traditional foods of the BSR in order to identify those foods to be collected and analysed. 2.To define, characterise and collect nutrient and bioactive data for a subset of about 30 prioritised traditional foods using previously developed and validated EuroFIR guidelines and bioactive databases, with appropriate analyses. 3.To carry out case human intervention studies (priority: cardiovascular disease protection), supported by intensive in vitro and in vivo laboratory tests, to address the requirement for supporting evidence in nutrition and health claims. 4.To accurately map and describe the flow charts of BSR traditional foods preparation and processing, and determine bioactive retention at both laboratory and pilot plant scale in close collaboration with industry partners. 5.To evaluate attitudes of processors and consumers in order to optimise and enhance the whole food chain for improved availability and health benefits of BSR traditional foods. 6.To widely disseminate results and findings in order to enhance awareness and sustainable development of traditional foods of the BSR for improved health. BaSeFood will refer to FP6 programs: EuroFIR and TRUEFOOD, from which methodologies and basic concepts will be applied. Visit the official project website http://www.basefood-fp7.eu/
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