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Title: Heterogeneous Selective Pressure Acting on Influenza B Victoria- and Yamagata-Like Hemagglutinins
Author: Nunes, Baltazar
Pechirra, Pedro
Coelho, Anabela
Ribeiro, Carlos
Arraiolos, Ana
Rebelo-de-Andrade, Helena
Keywords: Infecções Respiratórias
Influenza B
Positive Selection
Phylogenetic Analysis
Maximum Likelihood
Estados de Saúde e de Doença
Issue Date: Oct-2008
Publisher: Springer
Citation: J Mol Evol. 2008 Oct;67(4):427-35. Epub 2008 Oct 8
Abstract: As a consequence of immune pressure, influenza virus hemagglutinin presents some of its amino acids under positive selection. Several authors have reported the existence of influenza A hemagglutinin codons under positive selective pressure (PSP). In this framework, the present work objectives were to demonstrate the presence of PSP and evaluate its effects on Victoria- and Yamagata-like influenza B viruses. Methodology adopted consisted in estimating the acceptance rate of nonsynonymous substitutions (ω = dN/dS) that describe the strength of selective pressure and identifying codons that may be positively selected, applying a set of continuous-time Markov chain codon-substitution models. Two groups of HA1 sequences (140 from Yamagata and 60 from Victoria lineage) were used. All the model maximum-likelihood estimates were obtained using codeml software application (PAML 3.15). The hypothesis of no existence of sites under PSP was rejected for both lineages (p<0.001), using likelihood ratio tests. These results demonstrate the presence of positive selection acting on hemagglutinin of both Yamagata- and Victoria-like influenza B viruses. Several different sites were identified to be under PSP on Yamagata and Victoria hemagglutinins. Sites found with a posterior probability >0.95 were codons 197 and 199 in both lineages, codon 75 in the Yamagata lineage, and codon 129 in the Victoria lineage. The detected amino acids are located at or near antigenic sites in influenza A virus H3 hemagglutinin.
Peer review: yes
ISSN: 0022-2844
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