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Title: Signal transduction pathways regulating alternative splicing of tumour-related RAC1b
Author: Gonçalves, Vânia
Matos, Paulo
Henriques, Andreia
Pereira, Joana
Jordan, Peter
Keywords: Signalling Pathways
Alternative Splicing
Splicing Alternativo
Vias de Transdução de Sinal e Patologias Associadas
Cancro Coloretal
Issue Date: Oct-2017
Publisher: European Medical Journal
Citation: EMJ Oncol. 2017;51[1]:45-46. Abstract review No. AR5
Abstract: The expression of most genes in the human genome can yield >1 transcript through the process of alternative splicing of pre-messenger RNA. Alternatively spliced transcripts significantly increase the complexity of human gene products because they either influence transcript degradation levels or encode functional protein variants that differ in specific domains. Even with cutting-edge transcriptomic approaches, it has been extremely challenging to understand or predict the complex splicing patterns observed in tissues or in diseases such as cancer; therefore, a better understanding of how cells are able to regulate alternative splicing is required.
Peer review: no
ISSN: ISSN-2054-619X
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