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dc.contributor.authorCosta, Luciana-
dc.description.abstractJA-CHRODIS, The EU Joint Action on Chronic Diseases and Promoting Healthy Ageing Across the Life-Cycle. Joint Actions are a funding instrument under the third EU Health Programme 2014-2020. They are designed and financed by Member State authorities and the EU to address specific priorities under the EU Health Programme. They have a clear EU added value and are co-financed either by competent authorities that are responsible for health in the Member States (e.g. Health Ministries) or in the third countries participating in the Programme, or by public sector bodies and non-governmental bodies mandated by those competent authorities. Joint Actions involve on average 25 partners, depending on the scope of the action. With 71 partners, JA-CHRODIS is the largest Joint Action co-financed under the EU Public Health Programme to date. Reducing the burden of chronic diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer and mental disorders is a priority of EU Member States and at the EU Policy level, since they affect 8 out of 10 people aged over 65 in Europe. Approximately 70% to 80% of health care budgets across the EU are spent on treating chronic diseases.

 There is a wealth of knowledge within EU Member States on effective and efficient ways to prevent and manage cardiovascular disease, stroke and diabetes type-2. There is great potential to reduce the burden of chronic disease by making better use of this knowledge. JA-CHRODIS has been designed to exploit this potential. JA-CHRODIS is a European collaboration that brings together over 70 associated and collaborating partners from e.g. national and regional departments of health and research institutions, from 25 European countries. These partners work together to identify, validate, exchange and disseminate good practice on chronic diseases across EU Member States and to facilitate its uptake across local, regional and national borders. The focus is health promotion and primary prevention as well as the management of diabetes and multi-morbid chronic conditions. One of the key deliverables is a ‘Platform for Knowledge Exchange’, which will include both an online help-desk for policy makers and a clearinghouse providing an up to date repository of best practices and the best knowledge on chronic care. JA-CHRODIS is a three-year initiative (2014-2017) led by the Institute of Health Carlos III and is being funded by the European Commission and the participating parties.pt_PT
dc.publisherInstituto Nacional de Saúde Doutor Ricardo Jorge, IPpt_PT
dc.subjectHealth Promotionpt_PT
dc.subjectChronic Diseasespt_PT
dc.subjectPlatform for Knowledge Exchangept_PT
dc.titleExchange and transfer of good practices in health promotion and disease prevention: the experience of JACHRODISpt_PT
degois.publication.locationLisboa, Portugalpt_PT
degois.publication.titleConferência “Ambiente de trabalho saudável, promoção ativa da saúde e prevenção de doenças no local de trabalho”, Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, 8-9 unho 2017pt_PT
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