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Title: Association of a genetic variant in the ALOX5AP with higher risk of ischemic stroke: a case-control, meta-analysis and functional study
Author: Domingues-Montanari, S.
Fernández-Cadenas, I.
Del Rio-Espinola, A.
Corbeto, N.
Krug, T.
Manso, H.
Gouveia, L.
Sobral, J.
Mendioroz, M.
Fernández-Morales, J.
Alvarez-Sabin, J.
Ribó, M.
Rubiera, M.
Obach, V.
Martí-Fàbregas, J.
Freijo, M.
Serena, J.
Ferro, J.M.
Vicente, A.M.
Oliveira, S.A.
Montaner, J.
Keywords: ALOX5AP
Single nucleotide polymorphism
Doenças Cardio e Cérebro-vasculares
Issue Date: May-2010
Publisher: Karger
Citation: Cerebrovasc Dis. 2010;29(6):528-37. Epub 2010 Mar 30.
Abstract: Variants in the 5-lipoxygenase-activating protein (ALOX5AP) and phosphodiesterase 4D (PDE4D) genes have first been associated with ischemic stroke (IS) through whole-genome linkage screens. However, association studies obtained conflicting results. We aimed to investigate the contribution of selected single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in these genes for the first time in a large Iberian population.
Peer review: yes
ISSN: 1015-9770
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