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Título: Antioxidant activity of Annona cherimola Mill. (Annonaceae)
Autor: Albuquerque, T.G.
Santos, F.
Sanches-Silva, A.
Costa, D.
Costa, H.S.
Palavras-chave: Composição dos Alimentos
Nutrição Aplicada
Data: Mar-2013
Editora: Instituto Nacional de Saúde Doutor Ricardo Jorge, IP
Resumo: Objectives: In this study, the antioxidant capacity of pulp and seeds of ripe fruits of Annona cherimola Mill. was determined. Moreover, two organic solvents were compared regarding their radical scavenging activity (RSA). The present research intends to carry out a study on the best extraction method for further use in the evaluation of RSA in several cultivars of traditional fruits from Madeira’s island. Method: Annona cherimola Mill. fruits were acquired in local supermarkets. Fruits were selected and peel, seeds and pulp were separated. Then, each part of the fruits was homogenised in a blender for 1 min at 5000 rpm. Samples (pulp or seeds) were extracted with 25 mL of solvent (ethanol 90%, v/v, or methanol) and filtered through cotton wool. Afterwards, DPPH radical was used for antioxidant capacity determination, which in presence of an antioxidant is reduced to DPPH-H decreasing its spectrophotometric absorbance at 517 nm. The scavenging activity of the extracts was expressed as the percentage of inhibition of the DPPH radical. Results: The IC50 value, representing the concentration of the extract that gives rise to 50% reduction in DPPH absorbance was determined by linear regression analysis. IC50 for pulp and seeds was lower for ethanolic extracts than for methanolic extracts. Conclusions: Due to the importance of antioxidant compounds to prevent several diseases such as cancer, and cardiovascular diseases, it is very important to compare the antioxidant capacity of different fruits, fruit components, as well as extract solvents. Ethanol gave higher IC50 in all the tested extracts. These results will support further research on traditional fruits from Madeira’s island. Acknowledgements: Tânia Gonçalves Albuquerque is grateful for research grant (BRJ/DAN-2012) funded by INSA. Ana Sanches Silva is grateful for the postdoctoral contract in the frame of the Program ‘Science 2007’, funded by FCT.
Peer review: yes
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.18/1627
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