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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
Nov-2008A comparative description of the health status, the health determinants and health services use among the migrant population in Portugal. Data from the 4th national health interview survey (2004/2005)Dias, Carlos Matias; Paixão, Eleonora; Branco, Maria JoãoconferenceObjectopenAccess
29-Nov-2013Comparative evolutionary analysis of IL6 in lagomorphsNeves, F.; Abrantes, J.; Costa, P.P.; Esteves, P.J.conferenceObjectopenAccess
2009Comparative study of the cytotoxic effects of microcystin-LR in mammalian cell lines: Vero, HepG2, Caco2 and MDCKMenezes, CarinamasterThesisopenAccess
Jul-2013Comparative study on effects of two different types of titanium dioxide nanoparticles on human neuronal cellsValdiglesias, V.; Costa, C.; Sharma, V.; Kiliç, G.; Pásaro, E.; Teixeira, João Paulo; Dhawan, A.; Laffon, B.articlerestrictedAccess
Sep-2013Comparison between high-performance and ultra-high performance liquid chromatography methods for cholesterol determination in foodsCosta, H.S.; Oliveira, M.B.; Sanches-Silva, A.; Albuquerque, T.G.conferenceObjectrestrictedAccess
2011Comparison of fungal contamination between hospitals and companies food unitsViegas, C.; Ramos, C.; Almeida, M.; Sabino, R.; Verissimo, C.; Rosado, L.bookPartopenAccess
2012Comparison of indoor and outdoor fungi and particles in poultry unitsViegas, C.; Viegas, S.; Monteiro, A.; Carolino, E.; Sabino, R.; Verissimo, C.bookPartembargoedAccess
Oct-2012Comparison of leafy kale populations for their bioactive compound content: phenolics, glucosinolates, carotenoids, and chlorophyllsFerioli, F.; Giambanelli, E.; D'Antuono, L.F.; Costa, H.S.; Albuquerque, T.G.; Sanches-Silva, A.; Hayran, O.; Koçaoglu, B.conferenceObjectrestrictedAccess
Nov-2013Comparison of leafy kale populations from Italy, Portugal, and Turkey for their bioactive compound content: phenolics, glucosinolates, carotenoids, and chlorophyllsFerioli, F.; Giambanelli, E.; D'Antuono, L.F.; Costa, H.S.; Albuquerque, T.G.; Sanches-Silva, A.; Hayran, O.; Koçaoglu, B.articlerestrictedAccess
Oct-2012Comparison of proximate data among traditional foods from Black Sea Area countries per food groupAlbuquerque, T.G.; Sanches-Silva, A.; Finglas, P.; Trichopoulou, A.; Vasilopoulou, E.; Alexieva, I.; Boyko, N.; Costea, C.; Fedosova, K.; Jorjadze, M.; Karpenko, D.; Koçaoglu, B.; D’Antuono, L.F.; Costa, H.S.conferenceObjectrestrictedAccess
29-Mar-2012Compensatory T-Cell Regulation in Unaffected Relatives of SLE Patients, and Opposite IL-2/CD25-Mediated Effects Suggested by Coreferentiality ModelingFesel, C.; Barreto, M.; Ferreira, R.C.; Costa, N.; Venda, L.L.; Pereira, C.; Carvalho, C.; Morães-Fontes, M.F.; Ferreira, C.M.; Vasconcelos, C.; Viana, J.F.; Santos, E.; Martins, B.; Demengeot, J.; Vicente, A.M.articleopenAccess
2011Compilation of analytical methods to characterize and determine chitosan, and main applications of the polymer in food active packagingLago, M.; Rodríguez-Bernaldo de Quirós, A.; Sendon, R.; Sanches-Silva, A.; Costa, H.S.; Sánchez-Machado, D.; López-Cervantes, J.; Soto-Valdez, H.; Aurrekoetxea, G.P.; Angulo, I.; Paseiro, P.articlerestrictedAccess
23-Jan-2014Complete Genome Sequence of Chlamydia trachomatis Ocular Serovar C Strain TW-3Borges, V.; Pinheiro, M.; Vieira, Luís; Sampaio, Daniel A.; Nunes, A.; Borrego, M.J.; Gomes, João PauloarticleopenAccess
17-Sep-2015Complete Sequence of a blaOXA-48-Harboring IncL Plasmid from an Enterobacter cloacae Clinical IsolateManageiro, Vera; Pinto, Margarida; Caniça, ManuelaarticleopenAccess
Jun-2011Complete sequencing by Pyrosequencing of APOB gene of patients with clinical diagnosis of Familial HypercholesterolaemiaAlves, A.C.; Bourbon, M.conferenceObjectembargoedAccess
Nov-2013A complex chromosomal rearrangement in a child with developmental delay, fractious behavior, and craniofacial anomalies, compatible with Smith-Magenis SyndromeSimão, Laurentino; Alves, Cristina; Brito, Filomena; Marques, Bárbara; Ferreira, Cristina; Gaspar, Isabel; Dieudonne, V.; Cabral, P.; Meneses, I.; Duarte, Guida; Correia, HildebertoconferenceObjectopenAccess
22-Jun-2016Complex genetic findings in a female patient with pyruvate dehydrogenase complex deficiency: Null mutations in the PDHX gene associated with unusual expression of the testis-specific PDHA2 gene in her somatic cellsPinheiro, Ana; Silva, Maria João; Pavlu-Pereira, Hana; Florindo, Cristina; Barroso, Madalena; Marques, Bárbara; Correia, Hildeberto; Oliveira, Anabela; Gaspar, Ana; Tavares de Almeida, Isabel; Rivera, IsabelarticleembargoedAccess
Sep-2013Complex III deficiency in a Portuguese family: expanding the clinical phenotypeNogueira, Célia; Nesti, Claudia; Meschini, M. Clara; Carrozzo, Rosalba; Barros, José; Sá, Maria José; Azevedo, Luisa; Santorelli, Filippo; Vilarinho, LauraconferenceObjectopenAccess
17-Mar-2012Complexo distrofina-gllcoproteínas - a propósito de um doente com distrofia de BeckerMonteiro, Cecília; Taipa, Ricardo; Melo Pires, Manuel; Guimarães, António; Gonçalves, Ana Rita; Vieira, Emília; Santos, Rosário; Santos, ManuelaconferenceObjectopenAccess
14-Feb-2013Compliance and enforcement of a partial smoking ban in Lisbon taxis: an exploratory cross-sectional studyRavara, Sofia B.; Castelo-Branco, Miguel; Aguiar, Pedro; Calheiros, José M.articleopenAccess