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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2008Characterization of influenza A/Fujian/411/2002(H3N2)-like viruses isolated in Portugal between 2003 and 2005Pechirra, Pedro; Gonçalves, Paulo; Arraiolos, Ana; Coelho, Anabela; Rebelo-de-Andrade, Helena
May-2014Characterization of inorganic contaminants present in rice varieties consumed in PortugalCoelho, Inês; Gueifão, Sandra; Vacchina, Veronique; Donard, Olivier; Castanheira, Isabel
3-Apr-2012Characterization of maize allergens - MON810 vs. its non-transgenic counterpart.Fonseca, Cátia; Planchon, Sébastien; Renaut, Jenny; Oliveira, Maria Margarida; Batista, Rita
2011Characterization of mitochondrial proteome in a severe case of ETF-QO deficiencyRocha, H.; Ferreira, R.; Carvalho, J.; Vitorino, R.; Santa, C.; Lopes, L.; Gregersen, N.; Vilarinho, L.; Amado, F.
Jun-2011Characterization of Mycobacterium tuberculosis resistant strains circulating in a Lisbon hospital: a 2 years studyPerdigão, João; João, Inês; Silva, Carla; Portugal, Isabel; Jordão, Luísa
7-Sep-2011Characterization of new human gastric epithelial cell linesSaraiva-Pava, Kathy; Navabi, N.; Lindén, Sarah; Oleastro, Mónica; Roxo-Rosa, Mónica
2011Characterization of novel SLC6A8 variants with the use of splice-site analysis tools and implementation of a newly developed LOVD databaseBetsalel, O.T.; Rosenberg, E.H.; Almeida, L.S.; Kleefstra, T.; Schwartz, C.E.; Valayannopoulos, V.; Abdul-Rahman, O.; Poplawski, N.; Vilarinho, L.; Wolf, P.; den Dunnen, J.T.; Jakobs, C.; Salomons, G.S.
Jun-2009Characterization of pharmacogenetically relevant CYP2D6 and ABCB1 gene polymorphisms in a Portuguese population sampleCorreia, C.; Santos, P.; Coutinho, A.M.; Vicente, A.M.
2011Characterization of the genetic diversity of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in São Paulo city, BrazilMendes, Natália H; Melo, Fernando A.F.; Santos, Adolfo C.B.; Pandolfi, José R.C.; Almeida, Elisabete A.; Cardoso, Rosilene F.; Berghs, Henri; David, Suzana; Johansen, Faber K.; Espanha, Lívia G.; Leite, Sergio R.A.; Leite, Clarice Q.F.
2012Characterization of the inhibitor-resistant SHV β-lactamase SHV-107 in a clinical Klebsiella pneumoniae strain co-producing GES-7 enzymeManageiro, Vera; Ferreira, Eugénia; Cougnoux, Antony; Albuquerque, Luís; Caniça, Manuela; Bonnet, Richard
Dec-2014Characterization of the toxic potential of nanomaterials using in vitro cell modelsRebelo, Maria Teresa; Silva, Maria João; Pinhão, Mariana
27-Jun-2011Chemical Exposure and Occupational Symptoms Among Portuguese HairdressersMendes, A.; Madureira, J.; Neves, P.; Carvalhais, C.; Laffon, B.; Teixeira, João Paulo
Dec-2014A chemometric approach: characterization of quality and authenticity of artisanal honeys from ArgentinaRios, Francisco; Sanchez, Ana Carina; Lobo, Manuel; Lupo, Liliana; Coelho, Inês; Castanheira, Isabel; Samman, Norma
3-Jul-2015Child growth impairment associated to SchistosomiasisBotelho, Mónica
6-Dec-2012Childhood leukemia and environmental factorsHealth Council of the Netherlands
28-Apr-2012Childhood obesity and overweight prevalence trends in Portugal – COSI 2008 and 2010Rito, Ana Isabel; Carvalho, Maria Ana; Ramos, Carlos
Dec-2011Childhood Obesity Surveillance Initiative- COSI Portugal 2008Rito, Ana Isabel
Jun-2011Childhood Obesity Surveillance Initiative- COSI Portugal 2008Rito, Ana Isabel
May-2011Childhood Obesity Surveillance Initiative: COSI Portugal 2008Rito, Ana Isabel; Paixão, Eleonora; Carvalho, Maria Ana; Ramos, Carlos
May-2012Childhood Obesity Surveillance Initiative: COSI Portugal 2010Rito, Ana Isabel; Paixão, Eleonora; Carvalho, Maria Ana; Ramos, Carlos