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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
Jul-2015An overview of molecular basis of iron metabolism regulation and the associated pathologiesSilva, Bruno; Faustino, PaulaarticleembargoedAccess
Jan-2014Crosstalk between inflammation, iron metabolism and endothelial function in Behçet’s diseaseOliveira, R.; Napoleão, P.; Banha, J.; Paixão, E.; Bettencourt, A.; M da Silva, B.; Pereira, D.; Barcelos, F.; Teixeira, A.; Vaz Patto, J.; Viegas-Crespo, A.M.; Costa, L.articlerestrictedAccess
Sep-2014Decrease of β-amyloid peptide precursor and ceruloplasmin mRNA levels in patients with Alzheimer’s disease support impairment of cellular iron efflux in this pathologySilva, Bruno; Guerreiro, Cláudia; C. Crespo, Ângela; Marques, Liliana; Marcelino, Erica; Maruta, Carolina; Costa, Sónia; Timóteo, Ângela; Vilares, Arminda; Simões Couto, Frederico; Faustino, Paula; Verdelho, Ana; Guerreiro, Manuela; Herrero, Ana; Costa, Cristina; de Mendonça, Alexandre; Martins, Madalena; Costa, LucianaconferenceObjectembargoedAccess
Jul-2016Diminuição da expressão dos genes APP e CP em doentes de Alzheimer sugere alteração da exportação de ferro celular nesta demênciaCláudia, Guerreiro; Bruno, Silva; Crespo, Ângela C.; Marques, Liliana; Costa, Sónia; Timóteo, Ângela; Marcelino, Erica; Maruta, Carolina; Vilares, Arminda; Matos, Mafalda; Couto, Frederico Simões; Faustino, Paula; Verdelho, Ana; Guerreiro, Manuela; Herrero, Ana; Costa, Cristina; Mendonça, Alexandre de; Martins, Madalena; Costa, LucianaarticleopenAccess
2-Dec-2013Expression of iron metabolism: related genes in a portuguese population of Alzheimer’s disease patientsCavaco Guerreiro, CláudiamasterThesisrestrictedAccess
17-Oct-2013Genetic and biochemical markers in patients with Alzheimer's disease support a concerted systemic iron homeostasis dysregulationCrespo, A.C.; Silva, B.; Marques, L.; Marcelino, E.; Maruta, C.; Costa, S.; Timóteo, A.; Vilares, A.; Couto, F.S.; Faustino, Paula; Correia, A.P.; Verdelho, A.; Porto, G.; Guerreiro, M.; Herrero, A.; Costa, C.; de Mendonça, A.; Costa, L.; Martins, M.articleembargoedAccess
Feb-2012Immune cells and hepatocytes express glycosylphosphatidylinositol-anchored ceruloplasmin at their cell surfaceMarques, L.; Auriac, A.; Willemetz, A.; Banha, J.; Silva, B.; Canonne-Hergaux, F.; Costa, L.articlerestrictedAccess
10-Mar-2016Iron gene expression profile in atherogenic Mox macrophagesMarques, L.; Negre-Salvayre, A.; Costa, L.; Canonne-Hergaux, F.articleembargoedAccess
Sep-2015Macrophage iron metabolism profile in proatherogenic conditionsCanonne-Hergaux, François; Marques, Liliana; Negre-Salvayre, Anne; Costa, LucianaconferenceObjectembargoedAccess
5-Feb-2014New perspetives into the study of iron metabolism and immune system in distinct non communicable diseasesCosta, L.lectureembargoedAccess
Oct-2016Next-generation sequencing of hereditary hemochromatosis-related genes: novel likely pathogenic variants found in the Portuguese populationFaria, Ricardo; Silva, Bruno; Silva, Catarina; Loureiro, Pedro; Queiroz, Ana; Fraga, Sofia; Esteves, Jorge; Mendes, Diana; Fleming, Rita; Vieira, Luís; Gonçalves, João; Faustino, PaulaarticleopenAccess
Nov-2012A soluble HFE splice variant seems to regulate the expression of duodenal cytochrome b and hephaestin contributing to iron metabolism regulationSilva, Bruno; Martins, Rute; Proença, Daniela; Faustino, PaulaconferenceObjectopenAccess
13-Dec-2011The role of peripheral blood mononuclear cells in atherogenesisSimões Martins Bispo, CláudiamasterThesisopenAccess
27-Jul-2014The soluble form of HFE protein regulates hephaestin mRNA expression in the duodenum through an endocytosis-dependent mechanismSilva, Bruno; Ferreira, Joana; Santos, Vera; Baldaia, Cilénia; Serejo, Fátima; Faustino, PaulaarticleembargoedAccess