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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Apr-2012Alternative polyadenylation and nonsense-mediated decay coordinately regulate the human HFE mRNA levelsMartins, Rute; Proença, Daniela; Silva, Bruno; Barbosa, Cristina; Silva, Ana Luísa; Faustino, Paula; Romão, Luísa
28-Feb-2011Control of human beta-globin mRNA stability and its impact on beta-thalassemia phenotypePeixeiro, Isabel; Silva, Ana Luísa; Romão, Luísa
1-Sep-2012How far ‘AUG-proximity effect’ goes?Pereira, Francisco J.C.; Teixeira, Alexandre; Kong, Jian; Silva, Ana Luísa; Liebhaber, Stephen A.; Romão, Luísa
11-Oct-2011Interaction of PABPC1 with the translation initiation complex is critical to the NMD resistance of AUG-proximal nonsense mutations.Peixeiro, Isabel; Inácio, Ângela; Barbosa, Cristina; Silva, Ana Luísa; Liebhaber, Stephen; Romão, Luísa
7-Sep-2011Nonsense-mediated decay resistance of AUG-proximal nonsense-mutated transcripts relies on the link between translation initiation and premature stop codon definitionPeixeiro, Isabel; Barbosa, Cristina; Silva, Ana Luísa; Romão, Luísa
10-Nov-2011The role of mRNA translation on nonsense-mediated decay inhibition in disorders due to nonsense mutationsPeixeiro, Isabel; Barbosa, Crsitina; Silva, Ana Luísa; Romão, Luísa
4-Jun-2012Unspliced Precursors of NMD-Sensitive β-Globin Transcripts Exhibit Decreased Steady-State Levels in Erythroid CellsMorgado, Ana; Almeida, Fátima; Silva, Ana Luísa; Romão, Luísa