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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
28-Apr-2013Carcinogenic Ability of Schistosoma Haematobium Possibly through Oncogenic Mutation of KRAS GeneBotelho, Mónica C.; Veiga, Isabel; Oliveira, Paula A.; Lopes, Carlos; Teixeira, Manuel; Costa, José M Correia da; Machado, José C.articleopenAccess
2012Disclosing effects of tobacco smoke on occupationally exposed workers at Lisbon restaurantsPacheco, Solange; Simoes, Tania; Torres, Vukosawa; Lopes, Carlos; Almeida, Bugalho; Penque, DeborahconferenceObjectopenAccess
Mar-2013Effects of occupational exposure to tobacco smoke: is there a link between environmental exposure and disease?Pacheco, Solange A.; Torres, Vukosava M.; Louro, Henriqueta; Gomes, Filomena; Lopes, Carlos; Marçal, Nelson; Fragoso, Elsa; Martins, Carla; Oliveira, Cátia L.; Hagenfeldt, Manuela; Bugalho-Almeida, António; Penque, Deborah; Simões, TâniaarticlerestrictedAccess
May-2010Granulomatous-like immune reaction and hepatic fibrosis induced by Schistosoma haematobium immature wormsBotelho, Mónica C.; Oliveira, Paula A.; Vieira, Paulo; Delgado, Maria de Lurdes; Lourenço, Ligia; Lopes, Carlos; Machado, José C .; Costa, José M Correia daarticleopenAccess
Mar-2013Human papillomavirus type distribution in cervical intraepithelial neoplasia grade 2/3 and cervical cancer in Portugal: a CLEOPATRE II StudyPista, Angela; de Oliveira, Carlos F.; Lopes, Carlos; Cunha, Maria João; CLEOPATRE Portugal Study GroupaarticleembargoedAccess
17-Apr-2016Occupational exposure to environmental tobacco smoke in hospitality venues: are genetic- or proteomics-based biomarkers predictive of respiratory diseases?Silva, M.J.; Vital, Nádia; Pacheco, Solange; Antunes, Susana; Neves, Sofia; Louro, Henriqueta; Torre, Vukosava M.; Vaz, Fátima; James, Peter; Lopes, Carlos; Marçal, Nelson; Bugalho de Almeida, António; Simões, Tânia; Penque, DeborahconferenceObjectrestrictedAccess
2012Profiling the erythrocyte membrane proteome isolated from patients diagnosed with chronic obstructive pulmonary diseaseAlexandre, Bruno; Charro, Nuno; Blonder, Yosip; Lopes, Carlos; Almeida, Antonio Bugalho; Veenstra, Timothy; Penque, Deborah; Azevedo, Pilar; Chan, K.C.; Prieto, D.A.; Issaq, H.articlerestrictedAccess
Jan-2010SELDI-TOF biomarker signatures for cystic fibrosis, asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary diseaseGomes-Alves, Patrícia; Imrie, Margaret; Gray, Robert D.; Nogueira, Paulo; Ciordia, Sergio; Pacheco, Paula; Azevedo, Pilar; Lopes, Carlos; De Almeida, António Bugalho; Guardiano, Micaela; Porteous, David J.; Albard, Juan P.; Boyd, A. Christopher; Penque, DeboraharticlerestrictedAccess
1-Jan-2011Serum proteomics signature of Cystic Fibrosis patients: A complementary 2-DE and LC–MS/MS approachCharro, Nuno; Hood, Brian L.; Faria, Daniel; Pacheco, Paula; Azevedo, Pilar; Lopes, Carlos; Bugalho de Almeida, António; Couto, Francisco M.; Conrads, Thomas P.; Penque, DeboraharticleopenAccess