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Mai-2017Biocompatibility Assessment of Polymeric Nanoparticle Carriers for Drug Delivery in Human OsteoblastsDias, Kamila; Louro, Henriqueta; Gonçalves, Lídia; Silva, Maria João; Bettencourt, AnaconferenceObjectrestrictedAccess
30-Out-2017Levofloxacin-loaded bone cement delivery system: highly effective against intracellular bacteria and Staphylococcus aureus biofilmsFerreira, Magda; Rzhepishevska, Olena; Grenho, Liliana; Malheiros, Danila; Gonçalves, Lídia; Almeida, António J.; Jordao, Luisa; Ribeiro, Isabel A.; Ramstedt, Madeleine; Gomes, Pedro; Bettencourt, AnaarticleembargoedAccess
Jan-2015Role of nanogenotoxicology studies in safety evaluation of nanomaterialsLouro, Henriqueta; Bettencourt, Ana; Gonçalves, Lídia M.; Almeida, António J.; Silva, Maria JoãobookPartembargoedAccess
13-Set-2015Safety assessment of poly(methylmethacrylate) nanomaterials for drug delivery: genotoxicity in mammalian cellsBettencourt, Ana; Graça, DIogo; Matos, A.; Ferreira, I.; Almeida, A.; Gonçalves, L.; Santos, Joana; Louro, Henriqueta; Silva, Maria JoãoconferenceObjectembargoedAccess
8-Mai-2017Safety evaluation of novel polymeric nanocarriers for drug delivery using human osteoblastsDias, Kamila; Louro, Henriqueta; Gonçalves, Lídia; Bettencourt, Ana; Silva, Maria JoãoconferenceObjectrestrictedAccess
5-Jul-2017Toxicity screening of a novel poly(methylmethacrylate)-Eudragit nanocarrier on L929 fibroblastsGraça, Diogo; Louro, Henriqueta; Santos, Joana; Dias, Kamila; Almeida, Antonio J; Gonçalves, Lídia; Silva, Maria João; Bettencourt, AnaarticlerestrictedAccess