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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
10-Feb-2004Actividade gripal em Portugal no Inverno de 2000/2001 - Análise antigénica e genética das estirpes de vírus influenzaPechirra, Pedro; Rebelo-de-Andrade, Helena; Guiomar, Raquel; Ribeiro, Carlos; Coelho, Anabela; Pedro, Sónia; George, Francisco
5-Jan-2012Antibody response to the influenza vaccine in healthcare workersSacadura-Leite, Ema; Sousa-Uva, António; Rebelo-de-Andrade, Helena
May-2010Antiviral drug profile of seasonal influenza viruses circulating in Portugal from 2004/2005 to 2008/2009 winter seasonCorreia, Vanessa; Rebelo-de-Andrade, Helena; Santos, Luís A.; Lackanby, Angie; Zambon, Maria
Sep-2008Characterization of influenza A/Fujian/411/2002(H3N2)-like viruses isolated in Portugal between 2003 and 2005Pechirra, Pedro; Gonçalves, Paulo; Arraiolos, Ana; Coelho, Anabela; Rebelo-de-Andrade, Helena
Feb-2012Genomic signatures and antiviral drug susceptibility profile of A(H1N1)pdm09Giria, Marta; Rebelo-de-Andrade, Helena; Santos, Luís; Martins Correia, Vanessa; Vicente, Sónia; Almeida Santos, Madalena
Oct-2008Heterogeneous Selective Pressure Acting on Influenza B Victoria- and Yamagata-Like HemagglutininsNunes, Baltazar; Pechirra, Pedro; Coelho, Anabela; Ribeiro, Carlos; Arraiolos, Ana; Rebelo-de-Andrade, Helena
Dec-2005Molecular characterization of the HA gene of influenza type B virusesPechirra, Pedro; Nunes, Baltazar; Coelho, Anabela; Ribeiro, Carlos; Gonçalves, Paulo; Pedro, Sónia; Canto e Castro, Luísa; Rebelo-de-Andrade, Helena
Apr-2010Outbreak of acute respiratory infection among infants in Lisbon, Portugal, caused by human adenovirus serotype 3 and a new 7/3 recombinant strainRebelo-de-Andrade, Helena; Pereia, C.; Giria, M.; Prudêncio, E.; Brito, M.J.; Calé, E.; Taveira, N.