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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
Feb-2012Borrelia garinii and Francisella tularensis subsp. holarctica detected in migratory shorebirds in Portugalde Carvalho, Isabel Lopes; Alves, Ana Sofia; Pardal, Sara; Lopes, Ricardo Jorge; Mendes, Luísa; Núncio, Maria Sofia; Zé-Zé, LíbiaarticlerestrictedAccess
27-Aug-2015Characterization through multilocus sequence analysis of Borrelia turdi isolates from PortugalNorte, Ana Cláudia; Araújo, Pedro Miguel; Pascoal da Silva, Luís; Tenreiro, Paulo Quadros; Ramos, Jaime A; Núncio, Maria Sofia; Zé-Zé, Líbia; Lopes de Carvalho, IsabelarticleembargoedAccess
Dec-2010Coinfections of Rickettsia slovaca and Rickettsia helvetica with Borrelia lusitaniae in ticks collected in a Safari Park, PortugalMilhano, Natacha; Carvalho, Isabel Lopes de; Alves, Ana Sofia; Arroube, Sofia; Soares, Jorge; Rodriguez, Pablo; Carolino, Manuela; Núncio, Maria Sofia; Piesman, Joseph; Sousa, Rita dearticlerestrictedAccess
Feb-2011Francisella-like endosymbiont in Dermacentor reticulatus collected in PortugalLopes de Carvalho, Isabel; Santos, Nuno; Soares, Teresa; Zé-Zé, Líbia; Núncio, Maria SofiaarticlerestrictedAccess
Jun-2010Molecular characterization of a new isolate of Borrelia lusitaniae derived from Apodemus sylvaticus in PortugalCarvalho, Isabel Lopes de; Zeidner, Nordin; Ullmann, Amy; Hojgaard, Andrias; Amaro, Fátima; Zé-Zé, Líbia; Alves, M.J.; Sousa, Rita de; Piesman, Joseph; Núncio, Maria SofiaarticlerestrictedAccess
Oct-2013Portuguese hosts for Ornithodoros erraticus ticksPalma, Mariana; Lopes de Carvalho, Isabel; Osório, Hugo; Zé-Zé, Líbia; Cutler, Sally J.; Núncio, Maria SofiaarticleopenAccess
Apr-2015The importance of lizards and small mammals as reservoirs for Borrelia lusitaniae in PortugalNorte, Ana Cláudia; Alves da Silva, António; Alves, Joana; Pascoal da Silva, Luís; Núncio, Maria Sofia; Escudero, Raquel; Anda, Pedro; Ramos, Jaime A.; Lopes de Carvalho, IsabelarticleembargoedAccess