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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
May-2013An ECVAG inter-laboratory validation study of the comet assay: inter-laboratory and intra-laboratory variation of DNA strand breaks and FPG-sensitive sites in human mononuclear cellsErsson, C.; Møller, P.; Forchhammer, L.; Loft, S.; Azqueta, A.; Godschalk, R.W.; van Schooten, F.J.; Jones, G.D.; Higgins, J.A.; Cooke, M.S.; Mistry, V.; Karbaschi, M.; Phillips, D.H.; Sozeri, O.; Routledge, M.N.; Nelson-Smith, K.; Riso, P.; Porrini, M.; Matullo, G.; Allione, A.; Stepnik, M.; Ferlińska, M.; Teixeira, J.P.; Costa, S.; Corcuera, L.A.; López de Cerain, A.; Laffon, B.; Valdiglesias, V.; Collins, A.R.; Möller, L.
15-Jan-2011Biomonitoring of a population of Portuguese workers exposed to leadGarcía-Lestón, J.; Roma-Torres, J.; Vilares, M.; Pinto, R.; Cunha, L.M.; Prista, J.; Teixeira, J.P.; Mayan, O.; Pásaro, E.; Méndez, J.; Laffon, B.
27-Jun-2011Chemical Exposure and Occupational Symptoms Among Portuguese HairdressersMendes, A.; Madureira, J.; Neves, P.; Carvalhais, C.; Laffon, B.; Teixeira, J. P.
Jul-2013Comparative study on effects of two different types of titanium dioxide nanoparticles on human neuronal cellsValdiglesias, V.; Costa, C.; Sharma, V.; Kiliç, G.; Pásaro, E.; Teixeira, J.P.; Dhawan, A.; Laffon, B.
20-Mar-2013Cytogenetic and immunological effects of formaldehyde in a group of exposed workersCosta, S.; García-Lestón, J.; Coelho, M.; Coelho, P.; Costa, C.; Silva, S.; Porto, B.; Laffon, B.; Teixeira, J.P.
Oct-2013Genotoxic effect of exposure to metal(loid)s. A molecular epidemiology survey of populations living and working in Panasqueira mine area, PortugalCoelho, P.; García-Lestón, J.; Costa, S.; Costa, C.; Silva, S.; Dall'Armi, V.; Zoffoli, R.; Bonassi, S.; de Lima, J.P.; Gaspar, J.F.; Pásaro, E.; Laffon, B.; Teixeira, J.P.
Aug-2012Genotyping an ALAD polymorphism with real-time PCR in two populations from the Iberian PeninsulaMoreira, A.O.; Almeida, A.; Costa, S.; Laffon, B.; García-Léston, J.; Pásaro, E.; Méndez, J.; Teixeira, J.P.
27-Jun-2011Micronucleus Frequencies in Lymphocytes and Reticulocytes in a Pesticide-Exposed Population in PortugalCosta, C.; Silva, S.; Neves, J.; Coelho, P.; Costa, S.; Laffon, B.; Snawder, J.; Teixeira, J.P.
May-2013Neuronal cytotoxicity and genotoxicity induced by zinc oxide nanoparticlesValdiglesias, V.; Costa, C.; Kiliç, G.; Costa, S.; Pásaro, E.; Laffon, B.; Teixeira, J.P.
27-Jun-2011Occupational Exposure to Formaldehyde: Genotoxic Risk Evaluation By Comet Assay And Micronucleus Test Using Human Peripheral LymphocytesCosta, S.; Pina, C.; Coelho, P.; Costa, C.; Silva, S.; Porto, B.; Laffon, B.; Teixeira, J.P.
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